Sony PXW-FS7K(discontinued)

The ideal documentary camera
製造商: Sony



The PXW-FS7 reflects years of intense conversations we’ve had with documentary shooters. In response, we completely redesigned the grip, improved the viewfinder, optimized the balance and refined the ergonomics. Of course, the FS7 also reflects Sony’s expertise in 4K and HD codecs, Super 35 sensors and memory recording. The result is the ideal camera for documentaries—and the optimum tool for magazine shows, reality TV, unscripted TV and more.

Shoulder mount comfort without rigs—or rigmarole

It's ironic that so-called affordable cameras need to be outfitted with expensive rigs, cages, hand grips and accessory viewfinders before they can be properly handheld. The PXW-FS7 is different. It was designed from a clean sheet of paper to rest comfortably against your chest or sit well on your shoulder. Zoom, Start/Stop and Assign controls are carefully located on the sculpted, telescoping smart grip. Sony supplies a proper viewfinder that's perfectly offset to the left with a huge range of fore-aft adjustment.

α mount flexibility

Sony’s α mount lens system offers unsurpassed compatibility with both Sony and third-party lenses. The FS7’s E-Mount can take Cinema lenses and SLR lenses with a third party adaptor, as well as Sony’s E-mount and A-mount lenses. So whether buying new lenses, or making use of lenses you’ve already purchased, the FS7 makes it easy.

You can purchase the FS7 on its own (PXW-FS7) or with lens (PXW-FS7K).

For size, weight, price and exceptional performance in moving images, the Sony SELP28135G is the perfect partner for the PXW-FS7.

Motorized zoom empowers you with smoother moves than you could accomplish by hand.

Click-free iris ring enables split exposures and smooth adjustment, even during a shot.

Minimized “focus breathing” fights unwanted image magnification during a take.

Constant aperture eliminates “zoom ramping,” unwanted exposure changes during a zoom.

Sony’s Optical SteadyShot® image stabilization reduces the effects of camera shake.

Flexible spot AF allows you to select the autofocus area in any place on the screen (requires Version 4.0 firmware or above).

fs7k lens

Meticulous optical design maintains axial image consistency across the zoom range.

Internal focus and zoom mean the front of the lens does not extend, so it will not interfere with your matte box.

Advanced Aspherical elements achieve extraordinary optical refinement while reducing size, weight and complexity.

SELP28135G is supplied as standard with PXW-FS7K.


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