CL-12 Integration

Sound Devices has released firmware v2.12 for the Sound Devices 664. This release fixes a few recent issues identified within the previous firmware release.

664 Firmware version 2.12 is now available for download.

CL-12 Integration   QR Codes   External TC User Bits   New CL-12 Sub-menu
CL-12 Integration
  QR Codes   External TC User Bits   New CL-12 Sub-menu
Support for the CL-12 Linear Fader Controller includes smooth-gliding 100 mm linear faders, quick access buttons to key functionality, LED metering, and more.   Added QR Codes for smart phone access to online documentation including Approved Media List and User Guide. A QR code reader app is required.    New User Bit mode on 664 allows jamming of External Timecode User Bits.   New User Bit mode on 664 allows jamming of External Timecode User Bits.


Firmware version 2.12 corrects a few issues with timecode and attenuation leveling. They are described in "Full Detail" below. It is highly recommended that users update to the latest version of firmware available as soon as possible.

Both the CL-12 Quick Start Guide and the CL-12 User Guide have been updated with the latest information from the v2.11 firmware release, and are available as free downloads.

A new 664 Quick Start Guide is also now available for download.


Last update May 5, 2016

Changes introduced in 2.12 include:


  • Timecode LED doesn't flash when unit is off even though timecode is being maintained.
  • Timecode backup is not timing out after two hours while powered off. This is causing the timecode battery to fully drain which would result in timecode not holding for 2 hours on the next shut down.
  • Track R and Track X2, when linked to Track L and X1 respectively, are not returning to their attenuated level after Tone is toggled on and off.

Known Issues

The list below are the published known issues for the latest 664 Firmware.

  • If you try to arm paired LR or X1/X2 tracks using the CL-12 LR, X1/X2 pots, arming does not operate on the pairs. They must be armed independently from the CL-12 or directly from the mixer. Arming pairs from the mixer works fine.
  • Auto-Mute timecode modes output timecode for a few seconds after booting up from a full shutdown.
  • Sound Devices has worked directly with Delkin to identify an intermittent Media I/O issue with newer Delkin CF 500x and CF 700x cards. Delkin has confirmed that a recent change to these two cards is most likely responsible for the errors. Cards containing KZ in the serial number are susceptible to this issue and should not be used. Cards containing VB in the serial number will function correctly and are approved. Deklin CF 1000x and 1050x cards do not experience this issue and may continue to be used.

 Please click HERE to download 664 Firmware v2.12

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