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Promo Product

  • Sony PXW-Z90

  • Sound Devices

    HK $ 13,220
  • Sound Devices PIX-E5

    HK $ 11,660
  • MixPre-10T

    HK $ 14030
  • MixPre-6

    HK $ 7,010
  • MixPre-3

    HK $ 5,060
  • Fujinon-MK 18-55

    HK $ 32,000
  • Fujinon-MK 50-135

    HK $ 33,000
  • Sony A7S II

    HK $ 17,900 
  • Sound Devices 633

    HK $ 25,960


New Products

  • Sony PXW-Z280

  • Sony PXW-Z190

  • FOMEX Flexible FL1200

  • SmallHD Focus Bolt Rx Monitor

  • SmallHD Focus Bolt Tx Monitor

  • SmallHD Focus OLED HDMI

  • SmallHD Focus OLED SDI

  • SmallHD Focus SDI

  • Aputure AL-F7

  • Aputure AL-MX

  • Sony A7 III

  • Lupo Superpanel Soft

  • SmallHD 703 Bolt Wirelss Monitor

  • FOMEX Flexible LED FL600 B Kit

  • Sony PXW-Z90

  • Sony PXW-FS7ii

  • MixPre-10T

  • Sound Device 633

  • Sony PXW-FS5

  • Video Devices PIX-E7

  • Remote Air Pro

  • Canon XF-205

  • Sony PXW-X70


Lastest Video

PDMovie Remote Air 4 Reviews
PDMovie Remote Air 4 Reviews

PDMovie New design Remote Air 4 Lighter and thinner, faster response Big Upgrade for PDMovie Motor! Include the Remote Live Air Control! what you wait for? Let's get it! Want to know more about broadcast equipment? Pls follow our Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Youtube Facebook:https://www.faceb...

全新設計PDMovie Remote Air 4  更輕更薄反應更快!
全新設計PDMovie Remote Air 4 更輕更薄反應更快...

全新既PDMovie Remote Air 4 新一代Motor經過全新設計 扭力大2倍 分析力多2倍 反應亦快3倍 而家買仲會附送PDMovie Live Air Control添! 歡迎查詢 想知更多關於Broadcast 既產品? 記得 禁讚好搶先看 咁就可以緊貼住我地Page關於Broadcast 產...

PD Movie Remote Live Air!! Unprecedented lightness!!!!
PD Movie Remote Live Air!! Unprecedented lightness!!!!

This is PDMovie Remote Live Air You don't need a Shoulder Rig You don't need a External power supply(e.g. V mount battery) Also you can use this with the gimbal and easy set up Moreover the price is affordable! Under HKD$4000 what a you wait for? Let's get it! Want to know more about broadcast...

Latest News

【Firmware Update】Ki Pro...

Ki Pro Ultra Plus v4.0 (Release Date 10/18/2018, zip archive) Direct LinkKi Pro Ultra Plus v4.0 is the fourth major release of firmware for Ki Pro Ultra Plus. Please reference the associated Release...
22. 10. 2018
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【AJA eMini】AJA eMini...

AJA eMini-Setup Now available for download, free eMini-Setup v1.3.1 introduces macOS 10.14 Mojave compatibility when configuring HELO, IP Mini-Converters, and more. AJA eMini-Setup software allows quick and easy network setting configuration and...
11. 10. 2018
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【Firmware Update】Ki Pro...

    AJA Ki Pro Rack v6.8 (Release Date 10/10/2018, zip archive)   Ki Pro Rack v6.8 Category: Software Released: 2018-10-10 Platform(s): macOS Windows Download Now This firmware v6.8 is the latest maintenance release for Ki Pro Rack. Please read the Release Notes for complete details. The...
11. 10. 2018
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【IBC2018】Audio Limited...

AMSTERDAM, SEPTEMBER 13, 2018 - Audio Limited’s A10-RACK makes its debut, bringing with it the flexibility of Dante™. Audio Limited, will be exhibiting at IBC 2018 (on Sound Devices Stand 8.A32) its...
18. 09. 2018
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【IBC 2018】Sound Devices...

Sound Devices debuts several new members of the popular MixPre Series, including the MixPre-10T audio recorder with timecode and the brand new Ambisonics plugin to help VR professionals record and monitor high-quality...
18. 09. 2018
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Tentacle Sync E Firmware...

Tentacle Sync E Firmware Update 2.0 In order to use our new wireless sync functionality via Bluetooth™, you will need to update your Tentacle Sync E firmware to version 2.0 Just download...
24. 08. 2018
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