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  • Sony PXW-Z90

  • Video Devices PIX-E7

  • Video Devices PIX-E5

  • MixPre-10T

  • MixPre-6

  • MixPre-3

  • Fujinon-MK 18-55

  • Fujinon-MK 50-135

  • Sony A7S II

  • Sound Devices 633



New Products

  • Sony PXW-Z280

  • Sony PXW-Z190

  • FOMEX Flexible FL1200

  • SmallHD Focus Bolt Rx Monitor

  • SmallHD Focus Bolt Tx Monitor

  • SmallHD Focus OLED HDMI

  • SmallHD Focus OLED SDI

  • SmallHD Focus SDI

  • Aputure AL-F7

  • Aputure AL-MX

  • Sony A7 III

  • Lupo Superpanel Soft

  • SmallHD 703 Bolt Wirelss Monitor

  • FOMEX Flexible LED FL600 B Kit

  • Sony PXW-Z90

  • Sony PXW-FS7ii

  • MixPre-10T

  • Sound Device 633

  • Sony PXW-FS5

  • Video Devices PIX-E7

  • Remote Air Pro

  • Canon XF-205

  • Sony PXW-X70


Lastest Video

PD Movie Remote Live Air!! Unprecedented lightness!!!!
PD Movie Remote Live Air!! Unprecedented lightness!!!!

This is PDMovie Remote Live Air You don't need a Shoulder Rig You don't need a External power supply(e.g. V mount battery) Also you can use this with the gimbal and easy set up Moreover the price is affordable! Under HKD$4000 what a you wait for? Let's get it! Want to know more about broadcast...

全新PDMovie Live Air 一改傳統線材束縛
全新PDMovie Live Air 一改傳統線材束縛

全新PDMovie Live Air 一改傳統線材束縛 🔝🔝🔝🔝 實現 真‧無線跟焦 唔洗落Shoulder rig 唔洗外置供電 無線搖控 x Gimbal 輕便簡單易Setup 價錢實惠 性價比高 $4000樓下!!!!! 📢歡迎查詢📢 想知更多關於Broadcast 既產品? 記得❤️...

全新 Sony PXW-Z280 短評!!!
全新 Sony PXW-Z280 短評!!!

全新Sony PXW-Z280 短評 簡單講解Z280的主要特點和市場定位! 4K 17倍的光學變焦! FHD 34倍的光學變焦! 🤗歡迎查詢🤗 想知更多關於Broadcast 的產品? 來Facebook A&S Broadcast Limited 吧! 就可以緊貼我們Facebook Page關於Broadcast 產品既...

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Cookies To make this site work properly, we sometimes place small data files called cookies on your device. Most big websites do this too. What are cookies? A cookie is a small text...
14. 08. 2018
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AJA Ships KONA HDMI, KONA 1 and Io IP with Desktop Software v14.2 Grass Valley, CA (July 16, 2018) – AJA Video Systems today released the KONA HDMI multi-channel HD/single-channel UltraHD...
17. 07. 2018
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AJA Helo v2.1 Firmware

  HELO v2.1 Firmware Update!!! HELO v2.1 Firmware Update!!! Closed Captioning and HLS Streaming SupportDownload free HELO v2.1 firmware today. The update allows you to live stream with closed captioning from SDI input...
13. 07. 2018
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Sound Devices 688 Firmware...

    Sound Devices 688 firmware - (v4.53) provides a firmware update for the 688 field production mixer, which includes RF Scanning for Audio Ltd A10-RX-SL and other performance enhancements. It is highly...
12. 07. 2018
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Ki Pro Ultra Plus v3.0...

Ki Pro Ultra Plus v3.0 Firmware Support for Avid DNxHR Codecs in a Native .MXF Wrapper Free v3.0 firmware for Ki Pro Ultra Plus helps speed up and simplify editorial, introducing recording...
13. 06. 2018
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Wingman V3.10 update

Attention Sound Devices Resellers and Distributors Wingman v3.10 update is now available in both the Apple App store and Google Play store! Just search for “Sound Devices Wingman” to get the...
13. 06. 2018
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