AJA FS-HDR Update V3.0

AJA FS-HDR Update V3.0

AJA FS-HDR Firmware Update v3.0


FS-HDR v3.0 firmware brings big new features. The update introduces enhanced coloring tools and support for multi-channel Dynamic LUTs, plus several other improvements for use in broadcast, on-set, post and proAV HDR production environments.

Release highlights include a new Colorfront EngineTM Film Mode with ACES; Colorfront Engine Live Mode with new transforms; updated BBC 3D HLG LUTs; and single-channel and four-channel Dynamic LUT mode integration with Pomfort LiveGrade Pro and TVLogic WonderLook Pro.

Be sure to consult the Installation and Operation Guide (user manual) for detailed information about features and configuration guidelines. The most current documentation can always be found on FS-HDR’s ​Support Page​.



New Features in v3.0

  • ●  New Colorfront Engine – Film Mode adds:

    • ○  ACES colorspace transforms.

    • ○  ASC CDL (Color Decision List as defined by the ASC) controls.

    • ○  Built-in LOOK selection including film stock emulation and popular aesthetic looks.

    • ○  Variable Output Mastering Nit Levels for PQ to tailor for delivery and display needs.

  • ●  New additions for Colorfront Engine – Live Mode (previously named Colorfront Engine Transform):

    • ○  Input Dynamic Range & Gamut

      • Hybrid Log Gamma BT.709

      • HLG Extended BT.2100

    • ○  Output Dynamic Range & Gamut

      • Hybrid Log Gamma BT.709

      • HLG Extended BT.2100

    • ○  SDI Monitor Dynamic Range & Gamut

      • Hybrid Log Gamma BT.709

      • HLG Extended BT.2100

    • ○  Nit Level control for PQ output

■ Variable adjustments from 48-4000 Nits


○ DCI P3 Colorspace Clamp for HDR output

  • ●  Updated BBC 3D HLG LUTs to v1.3 with the following benefits:

    • ○  Reduces hue shifts in the HLG to SDR BT.709 conversion.

    • ○  Adds scene-light LUTs for different types of SDR cameras (square root and strict BT.709 OETFs).

    • ○  Reduces scene-light inverse tone-mapping signal level to cope with a wider range of SDR signals in live


  • ●  Dynamic LUT mode now supported in both Four Channel Mode and Single Channel Mode.

  • ●  1080i Output Filter control improves down-converted image quality to 1080i output.

  • ●  An update to the free AJA FS-HDR Control Link v1.2 application supports controlling the FS-HDR v3.0 Colorfront

    Engine – Live Mode parameters. Control of the FS-HDR v3.0 Colorfront Engine – Film Mode parameters will be supported in a future release.

○ The FS-HDR Control Link v1.2 app is available on the AJA website under FS-HDR’s Support page: https://www.aja.com/products/support/fs-hdr


Fixes, Changes and Improvements in v3.0.0

  • ●  Fixed v2.6 bug for low frame rate PsF video format (input and output).

  • ●  Fixed incorrect SDI Monitor output VPIDs in Single Channel mode with 4K/UHD output.

  • ●  Fixed Colorfront Engine BT.2408 slider control to not allow negative values.

○ 0 = standard Colorfront transform for best picture, 1 = ITU BT.2408 mapping on transform.

  • ●  Improved ancillary data support by passing HANC and VANC packets when input and output video formats and

    frame rates match, i.e. no format or frame rate conversion.

  • ●  Improved BT.2111 HDR Test Patterns to correctly signal HLG or PQ through VPIDs (for SDI outputs) and Infoframes

    (for HDMI output).

  • ●  Changed current Colorfront Engine Transform name to Colorfront Engine – Live Mode.

  • ●  Changed Colorfront Engine Color Temp scale:

    • ○  In v2.x firmware, the scale is 2000.0 to 11000.0 with a default of 4300.0. In v3.0 the scale is -10.000 to +10.000 with a default of 0.

    • ○  When upgrading from v2.x to v3.0, the Color Temp value will be set to default (0). Any existing presets that set the Color Temp value will need to be loaded, a new Color Temp value set, and saved.

    • ○  When downgrading from v3.0 to v2.x, the Color Temp value will be set to 2000.0. The image will be dramatically affected. The Color Temp value will need to be reset to 4300.0, or set to the desired value either manually or with a preset.


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