AJA Helo Firmware Update v4.0

AJA Helo Firmware Update v4.0

AJA HELO Firmware Update v4.0


Firmware v4.0 is a major release for HELO with important enhancements. Please read the Release Notes to learn more.

While HELO supports standard USB and SD card media and encodes content to relatively low bit-rates (up to 20 Mbps), the instantaneous performance requirements of the media are significantly higher than that. This is especially true for longer file segment durations enabled by the v2.1 software update for HELO. Please read the HELO Media Recommendations Document under the Documents tab for general recommendations around using media with HELO as well.


  • ●  Your HELO device will ship with firmware pre-loaded.

  • ●  AJA’s eMini-Setup application allows for quick configuration and firmware updates using an included USB cable.

  • ●  AJA recommends using the most current firmware available on the AJA support site.

  • ●  For support information, manuals, firmware, and eMini-Setup please visit www.aja.com/products/helo#support.


New Features in v4.0

  • ●  New A/V Mute function with user selectable patterns.

  • ●  Adds Korean and Japanese character based localization.

  • ●  Adds a user-facing logging console, that can be exported as a .txt or .csv file.


Fixes, Changes and Improvements in v4.0

  • ●  Fixed issue with Sunday Streams RTMP ingest.

  • ●  Fixed issue with Livestream RTMP ingest.

  • ●  Fixed issue with Streamspot CDN RTMP ingest.

  • ●  Fixed issue with Kaltura RTMP ingest.


Known Issues and Limitations

  • ●  Changing the web UI language whilst HELO is recording or streaming will cause both to fail and a reboot will be necessary. It is recommended to only change the web UI language when HELO is not in recording/streaming mode.

  • ●  HTTPS functionality currently prevents network media download from HELO, this restriction will be removed in a future update.

  • ●  Higher performance media is required for recording.MOV and.MP4 files of longer durations. Please refer to “HELO Media Recommendations” for guidelines on optimal media for recording.

AJA HELO – Release Notes v4.0 | ​www.aja.com 

  • ●  The HDMI output is a monitor/proxy output related to the encoders output, and may not be suitable for rebroadcast.

  • ●  The SDI output is a loop of the SDI input and not an output from the Encoder.

  • ●  The HDMI input cannot be viewed on the SDI output.

  • ●  Interlaced video input is de-interlaced to progressive before encoding.

  • ●  PsF sources may not appear as valid inputs (SDI input only).


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