AJA Helo Firmware Update v3.3

AJA Helo Firmware Update v3.3


AJA Helo V3.3 Firmware Update, this time fix some bug and enhancements


Improvements and Enhancements in v3.3

• Resolved an issue where certain Chinese characters within a clip name caused unintentional over-writes
of a previously recorded file.
• Fixed streaming to RTMP URLs that contain query string characters.


Known Issues and Limitations:

• Changing the web UI language whilst HELO is recording or streaming will cause both to fail and a reboot will be necessary. It is recommended to only change the web UI language when HELO is not in recording/streaming mode.
• HTTPS functionality currently prevents network media download from HELO, this restriction will be removed in a future update.
• Higher performance media is required for recording.MOV and.MP4 files of longer durations. Please refer to “HELO Media Recommendations” for guidelines on optimal media for recording.
• The HDMI output is a monitor/proxy output related to , and may not be suitable for rebroadcast.
• The SDI output is a loop of the SDI input and not an output from the Encoder.
• The HDMI input cannot be viewed on the SDI output.
• Interlaced video input is de-interlaced to progressive before encoding.
• PsF sources may not appear as valid inputs (SDI input only).


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