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PIX-E Series Firmware v3.00

Video Devices PIX-E Series firmware - (v3.00) provides a firmware update for the PIX-E5, PIX-E5H, and the PIX-E7.

CL-12 Integration

Sound Devices has released firmware v2.12 for the Sound Devices 664. This release fixes a few recent issues identified within the previous firmware release.

PIX-E Series Firmware v2.01

Video Devices PIX-E Series firmware - (v2.01) provides a stability patch for the previously released version 2.00. This patch corrected some rare issues, such as where some monitors displayed corrupt images.


Sound Devices 688 firmware - (v3.00) provides a stability and performance update for previously released versions. This firmware includes new features related to automixing, RF scanning, and frequency assignment.

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