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Sound Devices SL 6Sound Devices SL 6
Sound Devices SL 6
Sound Devices SL 6

Sound Devices SL 6

"The SL-6 is so clean, intuitive and perfect for what I do as a sound mixer in the field. It is priceless."
Joshua Baggett, president/sound supervisor of Mic'd Up Productions, Inc.
製造商: Sound Devices


Powering and Wireless System for the 688 Field Mixer

SL 6 for sound devices 688 

The optional SL-6 powering and wireless system simplifies interconnection between the 688 and multiple channels of wireless by accepting three dual-channel slot-in receivers. The SL-6 offers all powering and audio interconnection for standard slot-in receivers and additional control and monitoring when used with SuperSlot-compatible receivers. The SL-6 easily attaches directly to the 688's top panel and also offers antenna signal distribution to further declutter the bag.


With its NP1 battery slot, USB charging port, two 12 V isolated outputs, and two non-isolated direct battery outputs, the SL-6 is a great powering hub for peripheral devices in a sound mixer's bag. 


Regarded as the industry’s first non-proprietary, open wireless control and interfacing standard, SuperSlot™, developed by Sound Devices, is the result of its collaboration with a number of leading wireless manufacturers including Lectrosonics, Wisycom, Sennheiser, and Audio Ltd. The standard allows for all powering and audio interconnection, plus control and monitoring between SuperSlot-compatible mixers and receivers. When used with SuperSlot-compatible receivers, the SL-6 enables RF spectrum scanning and frequency assignment directly from the 688's LCD.

SL-6 Compatible Wireless Receivers

Manufacturer Model Unislot Compatible
(Audio and Powering)
SuperSlot Compatible
(Control, Monitoring & RF Scan from 688 LCD)
Audio Ltd En2 CX2-P --
Lectrosonics SRa --
Lectrosonics SRb ✓ with audio board update from Lectrosonics
Lectrosonics SRc
Sennheiser EK family Future
Wisycom MCR42 ✓ with SLK42-IKSS rear panel adapter

Key Features

  • Accepts three dual-channel slot-in wireless receivers for a total of six channels.
  • Compatible with existing slot-in and new SuperSlot wireless receivers.
  • Ability to set SuperSlot-compatible receiver frequency and power on/off from the 688.
  • Ability to monitor SuperSlot-compatible receiver battery, audio and RF levels from the 688.
  • Accepts analog or digital audio depending on wireless receiver.
  • Built-in antenna signal distribution
  • NP-1 battery slot for powering 688, receivers and external peripherals.
  • USB charging port.
  • Two 12V isolated outputs.
  • Two non-isolated direct battery outputs.
  • PowerSafe 10-second power reserve.
  • Easy to attach to the 688.

With the SL-6

Quantity Item
1 SL-6
3 Wireless receiver mounting gaskets
2 BNC to SMA connection adapters
1 Product registration card
1 SL-6 Quick Start Guide
>1 Promo stickers
1 Full-line Audio Catalog


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